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The reflection bain chromatique multi-protecting shampoo creates an anti-deposit effect on hair fibers surface. It helps neutralize harmful water particles, and nourish hairs.

Compare: $30.00
SAVE $4 (13%)

Leonor Greyl

strength, volume,and body to thin and long hair. Seaweed extracts help detangle and condition while wheat proteins strengthen and protect the hair. It is recommended for casual wear.

Compare: $9.70
SAVE $3 (37%)


This powerful purple shampoo is rich in neutralizing agents to instantly remove brassiness and yellow undertones. this shampoo provides durable anti-brassiness protection, keeping blonde shades cool for longer.

Compare: $79.63
SAVE $18 (23%)


Royal Bain Caron Champagne By Caron

Price:$32.99 to $54.99
Compare: $108.00
SAVE $75 (69%)

Leonor Greyl

This gentle formula addresses dandruff and scalp sensitivity, bringing instant results. Bain Traitant a la Propolis Shampoo has gentle antiseptic properties to helps to prevent further irritation.

Compare: $11.38
SAVE $4 (42%)


A rich aromatic shampoo for dry hair. With 48 hour deep nutrition, Bain Micellaire Riche nourishes the hair providing a soft touch and a healthy glow.

Compare: $33.00
SAVE $10 (30%)


This rich multi-protecting shampoo gently cleanses dry hair to protect and maintain healthy hair color. It nourishes dry hair and polishes the hair fiber to maintain healthy hair color.

Compare: $68.00
SAVE $8 (11%)

Bain de Terre

Gently cleanses and provides the perfect moisture balance for all hair types harnesses the power of botaniceuticals potent, natural botanicals that nourish, revitalize and protect to keep hair strong, healthy and lustrous color safe.* Gently cleanses and provides the perfect moisture balance for all…

Compare: $27.79
SAVE $11 (41%)

Bain de Terre

This is a light daily conditioner that naturally detangles and restores moisture balance to all hair types. botanicals from lush green meadows revitalize and maintain a natural moisture balance necessary for healthy, shiny hair, color safe.* This is a light daily conditioner that naturally detangles…

Compare: $24.00
SAVE $2 (11%)

Bain de Terre

This stylish and strong shampoo cleanses and restores the optimal moisture balance of normal to oily hair with lush botanicals for an everyday clean, and healthy shine.

Compare: $21.25
SAVE $0 (1%)


A gentle but thorough cleanser for life stressed hair. Leaves hair with more substance reslience and strength. A natural mineral that helps hair attract and retain moisture, capable of holding 1000x?s its own weight in water.

Compare: $103.00
SAVE $43 (41%)


Introduced by Caron in 1941 ROYAL BAIN DE CARON is a refreshing subtle oriental fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of fresh light oriental resins night florals musk and vanilla. It is recommended for evening wear.

Compare: $108.00
SAVE $65 (60%)

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