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Village Hat Shop

  By popular demand, we now have an all-wool, military style beret that is less expensive than the official USA Army style. The quality remains top notch - this beret is cotton lined, has grosgrain-bound edges, two eyelets on the right side, and a half-moon insert at its front. …



…chic and edgy with the Black Stud Wool Felt Beret from Scala. The decorative black studs adorn both the top and under the brim of the beret, and the unlined interior and top center tassel retain the beret's classic design. Spruce up any look with this smart beret.   Approx. 11"…


Jeanne Simmons

  Take a walk on the wild side with the Sequin Beret from Jeanne Simmons. This beret features sequin accents, as well as an elastic sweatband. Overall, this eye-catching beret is breathtakingly stylish!   Approx. 11" Diameter   Made of: 100% Acrylic   Sequin…



…picks up on them? Are Glitz and Glamour your middle names? Then try on the Sequin Beret from Scala, and define your style. The sequin layering is iconic, and the tie in the back allows you to resize this beret, making it perfect for anyone! Make this the new star of your wardrobe.   Approx.…



  Made in Canada   Be fashion forward with the Chenille Beret from Parkhurst on your head! The single-seam design and elastic edges are very chic, and while also making for an incredibly comfortable fit. Stay ahead of the curve!   Approx. 11" Diameter   Made…



…Wool Beret from Stetson! The top center tassel and unlined interior harken back to classic beret designs, but the black rhinestone decor scattered atop the beret add a splash of uniqueness to this stunning beret!   Approx. 11" Diameter   Made of: 100% Wool   Black


Heritage Par Laulhere

…of pure Merino wool, the Cobra Wool Military Beret by Héritage par Laulhère is a military grade beret of the highest quality. Featuring a water resistant finish, the Cobra has the classic look of a military style beret but with luxe detailing - two side eyelets, supple…


Village Hat Shop

…in Canada   This wool felt beret is made in North America by a manufacturer who supplies berets for the American military (Green Berets)as well as for the Royal Air Force of Great Britain.   There are two unique design elements on this beret: * The semi-circle cardboard insert.…


Heritage Par Laulhere

…the French Pyrenees, the very last of the producers of the beret in Oloron-Ste-Marie.  The origin of the "Basque" beret is actually from the Bearn Shepherds of the same name, Bearn.  They first hand knit the beret and then felted the wool in mountain waters to create a…


Heritage Par Laulhere

…Made of the finest pure Merino wool, the Campan Wool Basque Beret by venerable Héritage par Laulhère is their highest quality luxe Basque beret - higher even than their world-famous Hoquy Basque Beret (sold exclusively in the USA). Weighing in at about…


Heritage Par Laulhere

…nice to go back to the basics, and with the Alpin Wool Beret from Héritage par Laulhère you can do just that. The 100% merino wool material makes for a uniform look, with the iconic beret tassel on top. This French-made beret is très magnifique!   Approx. 12…


Heritage Par Laulhere

…highest quality.    Made from high quality pure Merino wool, the Vrai Wool Basque Beret by Héritage par Laulhère is an authentic Basque beret in the tradition of the Bearn Shepherds. Felted and water resistant, the Vrai features a Héritage…