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This Styling Spray combines heat protection and fixation in one spray. This Stylesign Curly Twist Around can conjure magic curly hair out of straight hair. This leaves hair grippy and malleable.

Compare: $38.59
SAVE $19 (49%)


An enhance your curls, combat frizz, and boost shine on your curly or wavy hair. This daily organic conditioner will give your hair a treat and make your locks shine and sparkle.

Compare: $134.40
SAVE $35 (26%)

Sexy Hair

This mousse leaves curls naturally soft and bouncy, with a long-lasting, light-medium hold. It delivers humidity protection and curl support while providing shine.

Compare: $24.50
SAVE $7 (31%)


Conditioner and cleanser provides silky-soft curls that are easy to detangle and style. Gel surrounds your curls with a curl cast that helps define shape, control frizz, and add shine. Cream helps to soften, shape, moisturize, define, and tame.

Compare: $38.59
SAVE $8 (23%)


Adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle, taming frizz all day. Detangles to reduce breakage from combing. Also makes styling curls easier and helps to maintain them longer-while leaving hair soft, not crunchy.

Compare: $36.40
SAVE $4 (13%)


This powerful blow dry lotion speeds up the blowout process, and reduces breakage and friction during styling for worry-free blowouts that dazzle. Keeps hair soft during blow drying.

Compare: $35.44
SAVE $14 (41%)


Instantly feel elasticity for curly or wavy hair through the Curl System with Bamboo Extract combined with the Instant Microfluid Technology. Cleanses the hair and provides moisture for visibly bundled, shiny curls and a hair feeling full of bounce.

Price:$14.69 to $28.75
Compare: $42.00
SAVE $27 (65%)


This styling cream employs the renowned ocean silk technology to make curly or straight hair soft and silky with brilliant shine. It also protects hair from the heat of hot tools.

Compare: $32.00
SAVE $14 (44%)

Color Wow

The weightless, moisturizing spray does all the combined work of outdated overweight curl formulas. This light spray replaces sticky gels, slimy serums, heavy creams. Just spray, and air-dry for frizz-free Curls.

Compare: $32.20
SAVE $10 (33%)


It provide curls, and waves with instant enhanced bounce, and elasticity. This shampoo uses the curl system with bamboo combined with instant micro fluid technology. It cleanses the hair, and provides moisture for visibly bundled, shiny curls.

Compare: $42.00
SAVE $13 (31%)

Sexy Hair

Curly Sexy Hair Liquid Curling Gel provides a flexible, medium hold, smoothes out frizz to define curls, and adds shine and volumizes all types of hairs.

Compare: $18.28
SAVE $4 (23%)

3-piece set includes 3 embellished Bath, Hand, and Tip Towel towels.* Bath Towel 25 x 48 * Hand Towel 16 x 26 * Tip Towel 13 x 18

Compare: $89.99
SAVE $20 (22%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.