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A moisture therapy shampoo with a pH 4.5. Cationin Hydration Interlink will provide gentle luxurious cleansing. Balance of moisture for softness and proteins for strength. Can be used on a daily basis.

Compare: $19.58
SAVE $8 (42%)


Boost Shampoo by Cowshed for Unisex - 10.14 oz Shampoo

Compare: $32.91
SAVE $7 (23%)


Brightening Shampoo gently cleanses and eliminates brassy tones for brighter, more vibrant color. This violet toning shampoo maintains radiant color while providing increased manageability and intense shine for healthy looking hair.

Compare: $36.40
SAVE $11 (31%)


The clayge shampoo s is a shampoo that adjusts to a healthy skin. Natural clay ingredients are blended. It adsorbs, and removes dirt on the background, and softens, and tightens the surface softly with a thermal component.

Compare: $29.37
SAVE $6 (22%)


Hydrate Shampoo penetrates the hair fiber to deeply moisturize from within. Strengthens and repairs hair from within. Delivers natural conditioning.

Compare: $17.94
SAVE $7 (42%)

Bumble and Bumble

This shampoo is designed for normal hair. It is an every-day cleanser with marine seaweed, spirulina and kelp to feed roots, add shine and keep scalps happy.

Compare: $54.04
SAVE $24 (46%)


This purify shampoo formula provides gentle yet effective cleansing from root-to-tip while protecting hair color and vibrancy. It removes color-dulling reside and buildup.

Price:$15.94 to $50.00
Compare: $62.00
SAVE $46 (74%)


A life changing experience for healthy, enriched hair with a beautiful, bouncy shine, this shampoo is exactly what you would expect.

Compare: $32.24
SAVE $7 (23%)

Malin + Goetz

The best selling peppermint hair shampoo from malin+goetz is gentle and hydrates, effectively purifying and cleansing, it balances all hair and scalp types.

Price:$22.81 to $37.81
Compare: $50.40
SAVE $27 (54%)


This is non silicone shampoo that absorbs and remove scalp dirt and sebum with combined clay high moisturizing effect leads extremely dry hair soft, and smooth again.

Compare: $36.50
SAVE $13 (37%)

Bumble and Bumble

Avocado oil and nettle extract add extra softness and give your hair a healthy sheen. Luxurious shampoo moisturizes and shines as it gently cleanses. Ultra-mild, moisture-rich, and color-compatible.

Compare: $38.11
SAVE $8 (23%)


Vitalizing shampoo adds fullness and strength to fine, thin and thinning hair while providing healthy moisture balance. Rich, creamy lather allows long, relaxing scalp massage. Leaves hair lustrous and full of vitality.

Compare: $29.90
SAVE $8 (27%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.