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Kevyn Aucoin

This ultra slim, dual-ended retractable brow pencil with a spoolie sculpts, defines, and shapes eyebrows. The thin but strong pencil is perfect for filling in sparse areas by drawing on individual hairs to give brows a fuller appearance natural look.

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This gel is made to outlast humidity a day at the pool, or a cycle sweat sesh. Waterproof, and with unyielding staying power, our eyebrow gel gives natural-looking brows that are sculpted to perfection.

Compare: $27.00
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An eyebrow gel that grooms, thickens and sets the brows. The essential step for a complete brow routine. The small brush offers easy and precise application, while grooming the brows.

Compare: $44.80
SAVE $4 (10%)


A smooth texture pencil that creates beautiful lines for perfectly shaped brows. It makes brows appear fuller and defined for a natural effect. It comes with a brush that allows you to easily blend for a sleek finish.

Compare: $40.60
SAVE $6 (16%)


A multitasking brush-on gel to define, groom, condition, and hold brows perfectly in place instantly while providing long-term nourishing benefits.

Compare: $24.00
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Brow perfector a velvety eyebrow pencil for creating artful slender shapes to fashion full brow, Seamlessly define the symmetry of the face with smooth precision and ease.

Compare: $25.00
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Perfectly remove unwanted eyebrow and fine hair quickly and easily with this Battery Operated Women's Portable Trimmer. Pen-style design gently removes unwanted hair in seconds while the comb attachment trims longer hairs without cutting them too short. Include one guide comb for two different…

Compare: $34.07
SAVE $5 (16%)


…throughout the ages for being a voice of reason in the night this sparkling owl charm features an adorable owl with two blue eyes and stone-set eyebrows. Inspired by all of the magical creatures that live deep within the forest it reminds us to make wise choices and provides guidance to those who…

Compare: $55.00
SAVE $7 (14%)


…lovable snowman from Frozen has now come to headwear. The Olaf Hoodie hat displays the character's visage complete with two large eyes, eyebrows, a carrot nose, and a bucktooth. This hat is 100% acrylic lining that will keep your little snowman warm when it’s cold outside.…