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Kevyn Aucoin

This ultra slim, dual-ended retractable brow pencil with a spoolie sculpts, defines, and shapes eyebrows. The thin but strong pencil is perfect for filling in sparse areas by drawing on individual hairs to give brows a fuller appearance natural look.

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This gel is made to outlast humidity a day at the pool, or a cycle sweat sesh. Waterproof, and with unyielding staying power, our eyebrow gel gives natural-looking brows that are sculpted to perfection.

Compare: $27.00
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Improve the overall appearance of your eyelashes with this serum that transforms uneven and sparce brows. It is composed of a blend of karatin, sweet almond extract and polypeptides that work to prevent breakage giving you fuller brows.

Compare: $39.99
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A smooth texture pencil that creates beautiful lines for perfectly shaped brows. It makes brows appear fuller and defined for a natural effect. It comes with a brush that allows you to easily blend for a sleek finish.

Compare: $40.60
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A multitasking brush-on gel to define, groom, condition, and hold brows perfectly in place instantly while providing long-term nourishing benefits.

Compare: $24.00
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Oval vanity compact foldable mirror that has a 5x and normal magnification. Perfect size to travel with and for eyebrow plucking.



Brow perfector a velvety eyebrow pencil for creating artful slender shapes to fashion full brow, Seamlessly define the symmetry of the face with smooth precision and ease.

Compare: $25.00
SAVE $8 (33%)

Rucci Professional Vanity Mirror with 2 suction cups. Has a powerful 12x magnification for a more intricate view. 5" DIAMETER. PERFECT FOR EYEBROW TWEEZING AND EASY TO TRAVEL WITH FOR EVERYDAY USE. NEW CONTAINER ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME BY LATE JANUARY


Perfectly remove unwanted eyebrow and fine hair quickly and easily with this Battery Operated Women's Portable Trimmer. Pen-style design gently removes unwanted hair in seconds while the comb attachment trims longer hairs without cutting them too short. Include one guide comb for two different…

Compare: $34.07
SAVE $5 (16%)

6" diameter x 9.5" height 10x/1x magnification LED Lighted Chrome Stand Mirror plug in. Perfect in the bedroom for applying and tweezing eyebrow perfectly. Rotates 360 degrees to switch from a normal view on one side to magnified on the other.


…brushes, this set is all you'll need to create perfectly polished looks. Includes: 1 large blush brush, 2 medium blush brushes, 1 shadow brush, 1 lip liner brush, 1 sponge tip shadow brush, 1 eyebrow brush and all of it comes with a convenient stand. Comes packaged in an individual box.

Compare: $22.46
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…PROFESSIONAL - M868 10X Suction Mirror with Tweezer * 3" diameter * 2 suction cup * Compact size great for travel or purse * It is ideal for eyebrow tweezing, make-up application, contact lense insertion and hair removal. * Attach to smooth surface by gently pushing until the suction cups…