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Farberware Aluminum

…and with the Farberware(r) Lifetime Warranty, your cooking and kitchen are set. For meals from basic to special, the durable, dependable Farberware(r) Buena Cocina(tm) Aluminum Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set cooks with and for you and your family.* Durable, beautiful Farberware(r) Buena Cocina(tm)…

Price:$13.99 to $89.99
Compare: $170.00
SAVE $156 (91%)

…finish in the oven, plus it?s dishwasher safe so after the cooking has finished, there?s no need to spend more time in the kitchen scrubbing! Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick provides the same quality that everyday cooks have come to rely upon since 1900, coupled with technological advances that…

Compare: $25.94
SAVE $12 (50%)


This Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Aluminum 1-Quart Saucier provides the same Farberware quality that cooks have relied on since 1900, coupled with modern styling that makes it a great choice for creating savory turkey giblet gravy or a small side of steamed vegetables. The durable saucier is…

Compare: $24.00
SAVE $12 (50%)


A spring form pan allows you to easily remove a delicate cake such as a cheesecake or torte without damaging it. Ours is made of even-heating heavy weight carbon steel with a nonstick coating to further aid you in easily releasing the cake from the pan. * Nonstick coating allows easy food release.*…

Compare: $20.00
SAVE $10 (50%)


One-dish meals and big-batch cooking are good to go with this versatile Farberware Dishwasher-Safe Nonstick Aluminum 5.5-Quart Covered Casserole. Every piece of cookware Farberware makes has provided generations of home cooks with reliable, affordable pots and pans. Constructed from heavy-duty…

Price:$19.99 to $29.99
Compare: $60.00
SAVE $40 (66%)


…to 500?F, with a Lifetime Warranty, Luminescence cookware makes the Farberware tradition new for cooks from busy to beginner, expert to occasional. Bring shine and shimmer to your home cooking with the beautiful, sturdy Farberware Luminescence Aluminum Nonstick 8-Inch Skillet, sure to be among the…

Price:$12.99 to $19.99
Compare: $40.00
SAVE $27 (67%)


One-dish dinners and other favorite recipes are convenient and colorful to cook with the sturdy, versatile Farberware Buena Cocina Aluminum Nonstick 12-Inch Deep Covered Skillet. Farberware Buena Cocina makes preparing and sharing favorite meals and family recipes fresh and easy. This sturdy…

Price:$15.99 to $29.99
Compare: $60.00
SAVE $44 (73%)


Farberware provides classic quality and dependability that home cooks have relied on since 1900, with modern styling for today. This Farberware Dishwasher Safe Nonstick 15-Piece Cookware Set is constructed from sturdy aluminum that heats quickly and evenly to help reduce hot spots that can burn…

Price:$29.99 to $59.99
Compare: $120.00
SAVE $90 (75%)

Farberware Aluminum

The Farberware High Performance Nonstick 17-Piece Cookware Set makes it easy to turn out complete, delicious meals. Farberware has brought performance, convenience and reliability to countless kitchens for over a century, and this cookware set continues that tradition for a new generation. Crafted…

Compare: $160.00
SAVE $80 (50%)


Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring bakeware with the Farberware Colorvive 4-Piece Nonstick Bakeware set. Boasting a vibrant, metallic-colored nonstick coating, this muffic pan delivers glitzy great looks along with durable, warp-resistant steel construction. Perfect for a batch of chewy fudge…

Price:$11.99 to $29.99
Compare: $60.00
SAVE $48 (80%)

Farberware Aluminum

…accents. Oven safe to 350?F, this Farberware cookware set includes a Farberware Lifetime Limited Warranty. Depend on Farberware to join innovative ceramic nonstick to reliable cookware performance and colorful kitchen style, with the durable, dishwasher-safe Farberware PURECOOK(tm) Ceramic Nonstick…

Compare: $70.00
SAVE $35 (50%)


…to 350?F, this Farberware skillet includes a Farberware Lifetime Limited Warranty. Count on Farberware to merge innovative ceramic nonstick with reliable cookware performance, in the durable, dishwasher-safe Farberware PURECOOK Ceramic Nonstick Cookware 10-Inch Skillet.* Farberware PURECOOK Ceramic…

Compare: $50.00
SAVE $25 (50%)

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