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Ya Ya

Flowers are very standard for modern wedding events. With our specialty crafted silk roses, there is endless possibilities in creating a bouquet for  weddings or simple decorations for events and parties. These perfect little replicas of our large silk roses, accented with white baby's…

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Ya Ya

* Measurements: top to bottom of each rose stem is Approx. 5? with 1.25" wide flower opening* Stems are bendable for wrapping around your choice items * Count: 12 bunches total per order with 5 separable rose stems per bush for a total of 60 roses When roses are Pristine, they are neither a bud…

Compare: $12.78
SAVE $1 (15%)

Ya Ya

…Why spend a fortune on real flowers when you can get these velvet rose buds for a fraction of the cost?  With this pack of velvet rose budsin a variety of colors, you can create a beautiful bouquet, sure to catch everyone's attention. These flowers are perfect for weddings ceremonies,…

Compare: $39.99
SAVE $14 (35%)

Ya Ya

* Each delicate flower measures 1 3/4" across, 1" tall. * 72 flowers / order.* 4" wire stemThese are pearled flowers with a stunning 1/4" faux pearl in the center, surrounded by 12 seed beads spraying out. Tied on a 4" wire stem. Each delicate flower measures 1 3/4"…

Compare: $19.12
SAVE $4 (25%)

Ya Ya

* Each delicate flower measure 1/2" accorss.* 3" wire stem* 144 flowers total / order These are craft paper roses on a delicately handcrafted on a 3" wire stem. Perfect for crafting, favor making, corsages, & gift wrapping. Also gorgeous on invitations. Each delicate cally…

Compare: $12.72
SAVE $3 (24%)

Ya Ya

…9" Circle Tulle 1 x 6" x 25yd Tulle 1 x 50yd Organza Pull Bow 1 x 25yd x 7/8" width Satin Edge Organza Ribbon 1 x 25yd x 1.1/2" Mono Edge Organza Ribbon 1 x 25yd x 3/8" Mono Edge Organza Ribbon 1 x 10yd x 1 1/2" wired Organza Ribbon 2 x Headpiece 12 x Pearl Flowers

Compare: $47.98
SAVE $16 (33%)

Ya Ya

…gorgeous flower is care free and will be the décor essence to add a touch in your wedding decoration.  Assorted colors available. Flower Size: 3" wide x 1 1/2" tall Height of bush - 12" tall Length of individual stems: 5-6" Qty:  7 flowers

Compare: $39.99
SAVE $4 (10%)

Ya Ya

…of 4 Set of 4 Snazzy Wave Mirrors If you want to reflect more than ordinary, then these are the mirrors for you. Top with votive candles, festive flowers, wedding centerpieces and various party favors and you'll definitely create a wave of cheers. Fashioned to create the perfect elegant curves,…

Compare: $17.58
SAVE $3 (22%)

Ya Ya

…Each bush contains 3 peacock feathers. Photo #2 with the vases - that is a 28" Eiffel Tower Vase with 3 Bushes of the Peacock Feather. Note:  This is artificial flower, not real grass Feathers are real feathers. Size: 16" stem + 32" grass / feather length.

Compare: $39.98
SAVE $19 (50%)

Ya Ya

…member to any festive event you have in mind. Like all things green, this plant symbolizes growth, health and life --most importantly, our silk flower variation doesnt die and is easier to manage. Thus, our undying and easy-to-work-with Boston Fern better represents Boston and YOUR TASTE than the…

Compare: $31.98
SAVE $16 (53%)

Ya Ya

Everyone loves baby's breath for its delicateness and versatility. Being one of the favorites of the silk flowers, they can be used as a filler for bouquet of flowers. They are perfect for wedding bouquets, shower decorations, or other event celebrations. Our silk baby's breath comes in…

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Ya Ya

…fresh look.  The quality silk mini carnation is a great alternative to the real flowers. The refreshing look will impress your guests and lead them to the fascination.  Approx Size of Flower: 2" wide x 1 1/4" tall Height of bush: 9" tall Photo:  In photo, it…

Compare: $39.98
SAVE $4 (12%)

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