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Egyptian Bedding

…sleep with this memory foam pillow. The memory foam offers the optimum temperature for snoozing, and the pillows embrace their form as you ease your neck and shoulder muscles, permitting you to doze off in comfort. Layback knowing the constituents in this memory foam pillow repel dust mites and are…

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Egyptian Bedding

…you rest with the Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow. These comfortable pillows don?t just adapt to the body for a satisfied night?s sleep. Furthermore, they work to keep people cool on warm nights or throughout dreams about the sun.?* This Cool Gel Memory Foam pillow adapts to body temperature* The cover…

Price:$59.98 to $83.98
Compare: $178.98
SAVE $119 (66%)

Egyptian Bedding

…unlike other memory foam pillows. One side of the pillow is made with sateen fabric for a cooler touch, while the opposite side is made with velvet fabric for a warmer experience on cold nights. The pillow is filled with a?special?2 layers of?shredded memory foam.* 2-sided pillow: one side is made…

Compare: $176.98
SAVE $105 (59%)

Egyptian Bedding

…memory foam formulation include high density gel memory foam pillow that is both comfortable and therapeutic.?The Dual Gel Memory Foam Pillow is idyllic for back and side sleepers. The Gel Memory Foam Pillow features a dual height construction of premium memory foam with gel bead-infused memory foam

Compare: $145.98
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Z by Malouf

Dough Memory Foam's exclusive formulation makes it the softest, doughiest memory foam that is both comfortable and therapeutic. Coupled with the newly released zoned pin-core design, this pillow provides superior pressure relief and can eliminate sleeping pain.* Dough Formula creates a softer,…

Price:$129.99 to $159.99

Egyptian Bedding

This memory foam pillow delivers greater pressure relief and can abolish sleeping pain. Since it doesn't droop or flatten with use, this eminent pillow can support you for years to come. The very breathable material provides for ideal airflow so you are not sweating during the night.?The outer…

Compare: $145.98
SAVE $62 (42%)

Z by Malouf

…sink comfortably into the pillow while the smaller holes on the edges support your neck and align your spine. Open-cell technology was used when molding this pillow, resulting in a more durable and resilient pillow the will effectively conform to your pressure. The foam is resistant to allergens and…


Z by Malouf

…Dough&#174 memory foam pillow will correctly support your neck and help you get the rest you need. This pillow was created through open-cell technology to maximize durability and resiliency. The memory foam was molded instead of just cut; the molded technique allows the foam to more effectively…


Z by Malouf

…memory foam has been molded as opposed to cut, making the pillow more effectively conform to your weight and pressure to help alleviate sleeping pains. Open cell construction makes the pillow more durable and ensures the pillow will maintain its shape. Bamboo Velour Cover Accompanying this pillow is…

Price:$159.99 to $189.99

Z by Malouf

…was used to create a softer and more breathable Dough&#174 foam. Open-cell technology was used when molding this pillow, resulting in a more durable and resilient pillow the will effectively conform to your pressure. The foam is resistant to allergens and dust mites. The super soft cover is…


Z by Malouf

This pillow is designed for weary travelers wanting the comforts of home on the road. Gelled Microfiber™ + Memory Foam offers all the benefits of a down pillow without the inconsistent feel, allergens and annoying feathers. Unlike down, the filling will not clump and doesn't flatten…


Z by Malouf

The Convolution pillow is an excellent choice for multi-position sleepers seeking varying densities. The convoluted memory foam side has a plusher feel, while the flat memory foam side offers more support. You can unzip the gelled microfiber encasement and remove the memory foam core and sleep on…

Price:$99.99 to $129.99

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