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Paul Mitchell

The clipless professional curling iron features a sleek design its latest insalon hairstyling technology is specifically for easy hairstyling and to provide customized results.

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The first dryer and diffuser created specifically for curly and wavy hair. The devacurl hair dryer guarantees softer, shinier, frizz-free curls. The innovative hand-shaped devafuser diffuser delivers 360-degree airflow to gently dry curls.

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Girls will have hours of pretend play fun with this Hair & Beauty Playset featuring an assortment of colorful plastic beauty tool toys that may include a mirror, hair dryer, comb, brush, eye shadow and hair clips. Comes in assorted styles. Comes packaged in a blister pack.

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This shampoo helps to protect from the effects of the dryers and irons. Its polymer thermo-protector helps to protect and repair the hair fiber from heat dryers and irons.

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…fine or thin hair. Gives fine, limp hair incredible body, volume and texture. after shampooing, towel dry hair and mist liberally through hair. Dry and style with a blow dryer, lifting and separating the hair as it dries. * Maximum thickness and volume for fine or thin hair * Gives fine, limp hair

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It is light and oil-free. Eliminates static and temporarily straightens curly, wavy or permed hair. Contains Thermplex, which activates with the heat of a blow dryer to alter curl bounce and block the effects of humidity.

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Its A 10

Miracle Leave-In Potion Plus Keratin infuses hair with silky softness while eliminating frizz or the appearance of damage. Does 10 things instantly. Humidity resistant. Blow dryer and flat iron use.

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Produces full, incredibly lustrous wrap-set styles. Produces soft but lasting wave sets. Deep conditions and moisturizes as hair is dryer-set. Leaves hair with a healthy sheen. Contains natural lubricants that provide protection from the heat of drye

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…button on top helps to give the Kangol Spitfire a distinct look. The bill/visor can be curved for a more finished profile, use a bit of heat from a hair blow-dryer at a low setting to soften the malleable plastic.   Approx. 10" Diameter 2 1/8" Bill/Brim   Made of: 60%…

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…look and fit better, but if you like you may shape it even more.   Here's a helpful hint when curving the bill/visor:  Use a hair blow-dryer at a low heat setting and warm the plastic for about 15 seconds, shape and hold for another 30 seconds and voila!   …

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