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Jaxon Hats

…The Jaxon Wool Homburg Hat is a classic! Once more popular than the fedora throughout Europe and America, this classic style was considered as formal as top hat and derby styles. Later nicknamed the "Godfather" by popular American culture, the classic Homburg still holds a place…



  Made in the USA   The Bailey Godfather Heritage Wool Felt Hat is a classic Godfather/Homburg style crafted with care right here in the USA. Featuring classic stiff finish wool felt, the Godfather Heritage Hat boasts the traditional center dent crown adorned with a grosgrain…



…trimmed.   The Fur Felt Homburg is a classic hat. Featuring a center dent crown and a curled grosgrain ribbon bound brim, this godfather hat will not disappoint. Whether you're showing off your own style or imitating a classic, the Stetson Fur Felt Homburg Hat will lead you in the…

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…always wanted to look like the Godfather but wanted a more formal version we have the perfect choice for you. Introducing the Biltmore Fur Felt Homburg that makes any individual feel a little more powerful when wearing this hat.   Approx. 4" Crown 2 5/8" Brim   Made of:…


Stacy Adams

…size (see examples below). M = 7, 56cm L = 7 1/4, 58cm XL = 7 1/2 60cm Introducing the Stacy Adams Homburg available in some great colors and color combinations. Not everyone is ready to own a homburg or feel that they can pull it off but those that do will be set with this piece. This piece is not…

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Stacy Adams

…welcomes the Toyo Straw Homburg Hat. If you were looking to carry your favorite style, the homburg, into the spring/summer season now you can. This hat is light weight but still gives great sun protection. It has the same great shape as your traditional wool homburg but now you can enjoy wearing…

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Bollman Hat Company

…and beginning of the leadership of his son George W. Bollman, the Homburg hat was taking its place in hat style history. Popularized in England by Edward VII after visiting Germany and bringing one back as a keepsake, the Homburg is one of the oldest formally-styled hats. As the King of England from…


Jaxon Hats

  Made in the USA   Dating back to the early 19th Century, the Homburg (as it was known) was commonly worn by well-dressed, affluent gentlemen – it was the everyday hat of bankers and politicians. Originally named after the city in Germany, Al Pacino is credited with…



Made in the USA Stetson Royal Quality The new Sightseer Fur Felt Open Crown Fedora Hat by Stetson is a handsome and versatile dress hat option. Featuring a shapeable open crown, the Sightseer can be easily shaped and worn as is, center-creased for a classic Homburg/Godfather look or center-creased…

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