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8" Grill Brush. Brass Bristles. Stainless Steel Scraper. Use on the grill grates. Easy Cleaning.

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Village Hat Shop

…or modern, dust your hat daily with a soft-bristled brush. Stiff bristled brushes will tear the felt. Western stores frequently sell hatter's brushes for this dusting job. Use a dark-colored brush for dark hats and a light colored brush for light hats." For best results, follow all…



…new with this grout brush. This heavy duty Flo-Pac grout line brush is perfect for scrubbing out those stubborn stains from your grout in between tiles. The 7-1/2" grout brush has a swivel head and nylon bristles. You can easily customize the length and grip of this brush by attaching whichever…


…to the grill again with this set of two barbecue brushes with extra long, solid wood handles and natural bristles. These brushes are ideal for basting meats, poultry and fish. There are 1" and 2" wide brushes in each set. Each brush measures approximately 17" long. Comes packaged…

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Help remove impurities from hands and nails with this 3-piece Nail Brush Set featuring professional quality plastic brushes in transparent colors. Each brush measures approximately 3" long with 3/4" long bristles. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.

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Great for deep cleaning toilets, this Toilet Brush with Hook features durable plastic bristles, a ridged handle and a hook for easy storage. Measures approximately 13" long. Comes packaged with a wrap around tag.

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Help maintain the life and performance of outdoor grills with this durable Barbecue Brush & Scraper featuring an extra long handle to get into hard to reach places and a scraper to remove cooked-on grime. Brush has sturdy metal bristles that get even the toughest messes clean. Comes with a…

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MB Stone Care

32oz Round Graduated Bottle. High-density polyethylene-translucent. Comes with an Any Position Sprayer and Grout Brush: The sprayer works with the spray bottle held at any angle, even completely upside down! The sprayer works in all hard to reach applications. Allows you to completely empty a spray…


brush in this 5-piece Craft & Hobby Brush Set provides a unique look to your craft projects. From the thicker brush ideal for filling large spaces to the fine-tipped brush designed for adding detail, there's truly a brush for every job here. Includes sizes 1/4, 1/2, 4 and 2. Brushes are…

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…bottles, carafes, thermos containers and more, this Bottle Brush features nylon bristles and a foam sponge tip for cleaning tough messes or gentle cleansing. Each brush has a hook on the handle for easy storage. Comes in assorted colors. Each brush is approximately 15" long. Comes packaged in a…

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Great for everyday use, this Exfoliating Bath Brush with Handle helps provide full lather and promotes healthy, vibrant skin. Includes a hanging loop on end of handle. Comes in pink or blue. Each brush measures approximately 18" from end to end. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a hang tag.

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You should always give the grill a good scrub after use and before the next use. This BBQ Grill Brush & Scraper will get the job done right. Use the brush to clean off the grill grates and the scraper to clear off sticky or stubborn food items. Measures approximately 2" x 7 1/2".…

Compare: $30.25
SAVE $5 (16%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.