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BonJour's Analog Meat Thermometer features a modern geometric shape and stainless steel shaft with protective sheath. Simply insert the tip of the shaft into the food you are cooking and the inner temperature of the food will appear on the 2" dial face. * Modern geometric design adds style…

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…to quickly measure both surface temperatures and the internal temperature of meats with its easy to use swivel probe. Chef's Laser Probe Combo includes the same features as the Chef's Laser Thermometer including: laser target aim, instant temperature readout, ergonomic one-handed…

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…barbecue. By cooking directly over the coals, it allows for vapors to create moisture and flavor in the meat. * Adjustable height charcoal grate * Adjustable side air vent * Includes thermometer Specifications: * Primary Cooking area: 13-in x 13-in * Pan Diameter Area: 13-in x 10-in x 2-in * Top…

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