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A cleansing treatment. gently lift make up and impurities. enhances a clear, pure complexion. moisturizes and neutralizes the drying effects of hard water. * A cleansing treatment gently lift make-up and impurities * Enhances a clear, pure complexion * Moisturizes and neutralizes the drying effects…

Compare: $34.35
SAVE $14 (42%)


A fluid and unctuous texture, which removes impurities from the skin and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness and comfort. Its ultra-soft and moisturizing cleaning base eliminates all impurities.

Compare: $30.50
SAVE $11 (37%)


This banana milk sheet mask vitalizing and nourishing your skin with banana and royal jelly extracts and milk essence hydrates and exfoliates your skin.

Compare: $10.33
SAVE $2 (28%)

Giorgio Armani

Velvety Cleansing Milk by Giorgio Armani for Women - 6.7 oz Cleanser

Compare: $52.40
SAVE $12 (23%)

Amino Mason

This Moist Milk Cream Treatment is formulated with smooth milk cream to heal and restore hair damaged by perms, bleaching, and sun damage. It delivers plenty of hydration to each strand from root to tip for softer, smoother hair.

Compare: $35.00
SAVE $5 (16%)


This gentle cream cleanser uses rich coconut milk to nurture skin for a dewy, fresh finish. It is created to comfort dry, irritated or sunburned skin.

Compare: $38.00
SAVE $2 (6%)


The lightly scented milk works to firm, contour and smooth the skin for a rejuvenated look and feel when you step out of your bath or shower. Lathering instantly, the Shiseido cleansing milk effectively removes dirt and impurities for clean and firm.

Compare: $60.60
SAVE $29 (48%)

Alba Botanica

This is a refreshing and cleansing treat for your thirsty tresses. High in fatty acids, and protein, coconut milk locks in moisture to strengthen the cuticle and reduce split ends.

Compare: $24.24
SAVE $10 (45%)

G.M. Collin

Give your skin something to look forward to. With Sensiderm Cleansing Milk from G.M. COLLIN this cleansing, creamy, and light textured product will provide your skin with a fabulous moisturizing and hydrating experience.

Compare: $48.50
SAVE $18 (37%)


Reveal your silkiest, softest skin with the nourishing power of chocolate milk. Infused with milky essence, this mask is designed with unique air pockets to hold moisture and deliver the treatment evenly across your skin.

Compare: $10.33
SAVE $2 (28%)


Skin regains clarity and health and is perfectly prepared to absorb the benefits of skin care applied afterwards. The moisturizing formula is so gentle that it may be used for the eyes too.

Price:$23.44 to $70.31
Compare: $75.00
SAVE $51 (68%)


This sheet mask is soaked in a milky essence formulated with strawberry extract, an ingredient that brightens skin and evens out complexion with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Compare: $10.33
SAVE $2 (28%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.

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