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The Hydra Bebe Facial Cream features nutritive oils that hydrates, nourishes, defends skin against external aggressions. It is recommended for newborns, and babies with normal skin.

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Mustela foam shampoo for newborns is a ultra gentle, self foaming shampoo that washes away flakes associated with cradle cap. it respects the delicate balance of the scalp in newborns, and prevents skin from drying.* Leaves the hair silky and smooth, soft and shiny* It respects the delicate balance…

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Specially formulated for the delicate skin of babies, this massage oil penetrates easily without leaving a greasy film, allowing for a comforting and soothing massage that stimulates baby's senses and supports overall well-being.

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Very High Protection Sun Lotion from Mustela has been specially designed to protect the delicate skin on your babys and childrens face from dangerous solar radiation, right from birth.

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