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Mossy Oak

…Please Note: This hat is made to have an aged, weathered look. This is the intentional look of the hat.    Crafted with a rugged, weathered look the Infinity Camo Weathered Cotton Outback Hat by Mossy Oak has the look and functionality of a true outdoor/adventure hat. A shapeable…



  The Henschel Oilcloth Cotton Outback Hat is a rugged and well constructed hat that will withstand all the elements you may encounter while hiking, climbing, or if you are at war with an overly evolved ape species.   Approx. 4" Crown 3" Brim   Made of: 100%…



  Conner's Leather Outback Hat is great looking leather hat. It can handle the wear and tear of the outdoors and still continue to look great. If you are in search of an outback that can handle as much as you can I think you have found your hat.   Approx. 3 3/4" Crown 2…


BC Hats

  Made in Australia The BC Stockman Suede Outback Hat style is Australia's original leather hat with a shapeable brim. Made with the finest Australian steer hide and fitted with a comfortable suede sweatband.   Approx. 4 1/4" Crown 3" Shapeable Brim   Made…



  Please Note: This style runs 1 size too large.    Conner's Ranger Straw Outback Hat was made to give you some great sun protection. It is light weight and comfortable so you won't even realize you have it on until you see how protected it keeps you from the…



  Made in the USA Become a true explorer with the Henschel Explorer Suede Outback Hat. Built tought for the outdoors, the leather crushable breezer looks good and feels great. The mesh crown enables cool breezes to pass through to help keep you comfortable in the hot summer sun.  …


Head 'N Home

…UPF 50+ Breathable sun protection, is what the Head 'N Home Soaker Mesh Outback Hat is designed for!  Dunk it in water and wear it wet for an incredibly cooling sensation! This nylon mesh and polyester hat is provides excellent sun protection (UPF 50+) and is built to keep you cool.…


Hills Hats of New Zealand

…Zealand You want to be dry and protected when the weather takes a turn for the worst so make sure to always have your Hills Hats of New Zealand Ocean Breeze Outback Hat with you. The unique characteristics of their Hydrotex fabric has been tested to be resist water and wind chill while maintaining…


Head 'N Home

…stock item and is MADE TO ORDER. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.   Made in the USA   The gorgeous Boheme Leather Outback Hat by Head 'N Home features a unique look by artist and designer Ruby Roxanne Agresta of Ruby Roxanne Designs. Like all other Head 'N…


Dorfman Pacific Company

  Heat up the season and be a bit more rebellious with the Dorfman Pacific Outback. The weathered outback serves a style that you've got things under control and you know which route you're taking. This best seller is rated UPF 50+ Sun Protection and is paired with a shapeable…



  UPF 50+   Conner's Oiled Leather Outback has a style all of its own. This piece is for those that prefer a blocked shape. You will get a little movement from this piece but more so than not it will keep its true shape.   Approx. 4" Crown 2 1/2" Brim…



  Conner's Weathered Cotton Outback is very sturdy and will keep you protected from many of the world's harsh elements. This is great from someone who prefers a thicker material in their hat to make sure they get the greatest amount of protection.   Approx. 4 1/2"…


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