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pan with a little depth is needed to fry light and crispy chicken or to slow cook a spicy curry, reaching for a covered saut? will help the flavors in the dish come together beautifully. This covered saut? features durable nonstick, which means that foods slide out of the saut? every time. The saut?

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Rachael Ray

Soup, sauce or saute – this is the ultimate pan for a wide variety of uses! This 11" covered deep pan is great for everyday meals to prepare all in one pan. Perfect for stirfry or for sautéing onions to add flavor to your beef dish. Use it for preparing soup, pasta sauce or…

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Extremely versatile pans - no kitchen should be without one! Used for sauteing meats and vegetables, frying chicken, pancakes, eggs, or grilling sandwiches. Deep sides give extra capacity so that you can braise, stew, deglaze, or add additional ingredients after browning for recipes such as chicken…

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…the pros with the Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard-Anodized Nonstick 4-Quart Covered Saute with Pour Spouts and Helper Handle. With this saute pan, it’s easy to sear and cook pork medallions and then reduce pan drippings to create delicious sauces. The convenient pour spouts make it easier to…

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Create gourmet-inspired dishes, sautes and more with the Anolon Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel 5-Quart Covered Saute with Helper Handle. With this versatile cookware pan, making everything from sauteed okra and heirloom tomatoes to pan-seared scallops with caper-butter sauce is a pleasure. The…

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The Anolon Nouvelle Copper 3 Qt. Covered Saute has high sides to accommodate sauces, pastas and meats. Impress your guests when using this large pan to prepare pan roasted squab or seared Ahi steaks. The stainless steel encapsulated copper base ensures even heat distribution, enduring food releasing…

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…sauce, the Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick 4-Quart Covered Saute with Pour Spouts and Helper Handle is a great choice for creating delicious meals. With convenient pour spouts and a helper handle, this saute pan is perfect for transferring succulent braises and stews to serving…

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Rachael Ray

Whether you're sauteing foods or preparing risotto, this is the quintessential piece for any chef's kitchen. The deep, straight sides of this entertaining size saute pan lend room to any party size dish. A unique oval shape allows you to fit it on one burner without having to give up all…

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…quick and even heating, helping to reduce hot spots that can burn foods. And because the pan is stainless steel inside and out, when the cooking?s done, just pop the wok in the dishwasher. All-purpose saut? pans like this one are perfect for cooking the entire family meal in one piece of cookware. A…

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…and durability. Oven safe to 500°F, the pan features a comfortable, contoured stainless steel handle that is dual-riveted for strength and flat-riveted for kitchen tool access while you flip, turn, and saut?. And the flat-rivet pan wall makes serving and cleaning easier. Best of all,…

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Paula Deen

…Nonstick 10-Quart Covered Family Gathering Pan. Even occasional cooks can appreciate this large-capacity pan from Paula Deen(r). Wide and big enough to hold 10 quarts, the covered pan is ideal for pulling together your favorite one-dish pasta dinner, sauteing a sizable batch of healthy veggies, or…

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Set the kitchen up for professional-level nonstick sauteeing, skillet cooking, and stir frying with this covered skillet and stir fry pan set from Anolon(r) Advanced that features heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum construction. The premium-quality triple-layer nonstick-coated skillet interiors are…

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