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Shea Moisture

This cream and gel restores skins natural moisture, while protecting it against environmental attack. Skin is left feeling silky soft and super smooth.

Compare: $28.88
SAVE $15 (54%)


This rich, super moisturizing ingredient is the building block for healthy, protected hair. Palmers Shea Formula Moisture Repair Curl Shampoo is a nourishing, sulfate-free shampoo that helps moisturize and repair hair.

Compare: $26.07
SAVE $8 (32%)


This features a rich super moisturising ingredient which is the building block for healthy, protected hair. This is a nourishing sulfate free shampoo that replenishes moisture, and enhances shine.

Compare: $32.01
SAVE $14 (45%)

Shea Moisture

A treatment conditioner to moisturise and soften bleached, highlighted and grey hair. Colour enhancers refresh and repair brassy and yellowed blonde tones. For blonde or grey hair. Paraben free.

Price:$15.94 to $16.25
Compare: $29.42
SAVE $13 (45%)


Shea Formula Raw Shea Curl Cream deeply nourishes hair and scalp. This rich super moisturising ingredient is the building block for healthy and protected hair.

Compare: $22.82
SAVE $9 (42%)

Shea Moisture

This hydrating micellar water provides a rinse-free cleanse, gently attracting and removing dirt, oil and makeup. A blend of 100 percent virgin coconut oil and coconut water softens and restores skin, leaving it feeling instantly refreshed.

Compare: $27.23
SAVE $12 (44%)


Its nourishing formula gently cleanses while delivering long-lasting moisture to help treat dryness at the source. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, and reveals younger-looking skin with continued use.

Compare: $26.32
SAVE $11 (44%)


Cocoa butter formula with vitamin E moisturizing body wash contains pure cocoa butter and shea butter to provide ultimate moisture for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Compare: $19.07
SAVE $5 (28%)

Shea Moisture

An excellent hair care cream that is formulated with the goodness of raw organic Shea Butter rich in Vitamin A, it promotes healthy growth for transitioning hair.

Compare: $23.38
SAVE $10 (43%)


This rich, super nourishing ingredient is the building block for softer, radiant skin. Palmers shea formula raw shea balm skin moisturizer melts right into a radiance-boosting, non-greasy body oil for dry skin on contact.

Compare: $15.67
SAVE $6 (39%)


This is a luxurious blend of mango and shea butters. Healthy hair moisture masque provides intense moisture for dull, dry brittle hair. With brazilian palm tree and avocado oils, add rich moisture and shine.

Compare: $39.81
SAVE $16 (41%)


This moisturizing balm melts right into a radiance-boosting, non-greasy body oil. It instantly softens even the roughest skin areas such as elbows and feet, thus it is best for dry skin.

Compare: $21.40
SAVE $9 (42%)

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