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Jaxon Hats

The Skimmer was for many decades the gentleman's straw hat of choice. Often associated with sailing, boating, barber shop quartets, jazz bands, and the like. With its lightweight straw construction and casual air, the Skimmer/Boater hat became a classic summer gentleman's hat.…



  Made in Italy   The Stetson Sennett Skimmer is bound to be a staple in your collection of headwear.  The Skimmer was for many decades the man's straw hat of choice, it's a classic that will forever be in style.  This is a high quality hat often…

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Jaxon Hats

…Black Band Wheat Straw Skimmer Hat (aka Boater Hat) is now the perfect warm weather hat for both men and women. Top off a smart linen suit or a breezy summer dress with the Black Band Skimmer by Jaxon Hats!   (See Jaxon Hats' classic Striped Band Wheat Straw Skimmer Hat HERE.)…


Capas Headwear

…Although superseded by the Panama hat in this century, the Skimmer was for many decades the man's straw hat of choice. The Italian Skimmer by Capas is Made in Italy from 4-ply Koberg straw. This is an authentic, high quality Skimmer hat often assiciated with barber shop quartets, jazz bands,…


The 6-piece kitchen utensil set comes with everything you need to be a culinary expert - all packed in a single box! Set includes 1 skimmer, 1 serving spoon, 1 pasta ladle, 1 turner, 1 soup ladle and 1 slotted turner. Utensils are made of sturdy plastic and are perfect for non-stick cooking…

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Brooklyn Hat Co

  Brooklyn Hat Co.'s Boathouse Bao Straw Boater Hat takes the classic boater/skimmer design and turns it on its head. The Boathouse Boater tosses out the classic wheat or coburg straw constructions usually seen in boater styles and uses lightweight and breathable bao straw instead. The…

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  The enduring boater/skimmer hat gets an update with Betmar's new Chantalle Toyo Straw Sun Hat. Featuring a classic square crown, the Chantalle boasts a flexible and slightly floppy brim for a more relaxed and casual finish compared to stiff traditional boater styles. Its timeless…

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  UPF 50+   The new Betmar Manchester Toyo Straw Sun Hat combines classic boater/skimmer style elements and adds greater coverage and style with modern and feminine updates. Starting with a gorgeous three-tone braided weave, the Manchester boasts a classic square crown (flat top,…


Hatch Hats

  Exhausted by the deluge of identical boater/skimmer hats out there? Relax! The new Tribal Trim Straw Boater Hat by Hatch takes the classic spring and summer style and gives it a feminine, on-trend make over. Starting with gorgeous rose-colored straw, the Tribal Trim Straw Boater Hat skips…

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