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  The Spitfire is known to be one of the Beatles' favorite hats, a tradition now seen on the head of Samuel L. Jackson.   This is a very versatile hat, the crown can easily be manipulated to your liking. Pull the crown forward to resemble an 8/4 cap or off to the side like…


Jaxon Hats

  The Jaxon Wool Spitfire Newsboy Cap is a great wool newsboy to add to your repertoire! Featuring a seamless spitfire body with the traditional 8/4 paneling present only as barely-there impressions, the Jaxon Wool Spitfire Newsboy Cap also sports a stylish fillet band.   …

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Jaxon Hats

  The Jaxon Hats Corduroy Spitfire Cap features a standard wale corduroy fabric in a classic 8/4 newsboy style. Offered in classic black or brown, the Jaxon Hats Corduroy Spitfire Cap is lined in smooth satin and sports a grosgrain ribbon sweatband for you comfort.   …

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…The new Fisherman Cotton Spitfire Cap by Betmar takes their classic Blake Spitfire Cap and adds a nautical twist. Featuring a classic 8-panel newsboy (i.e. spitfire) construction, the Fisherman Spitfire boasts the traditional knotted rope hat band with button accents classically…


Jaxon Hats

…wonderfully breathable, the Bamboo Spitfire Newsboy Cap by Jaxon is a warm-weather dream for all newsboy cap aficionados!   Made of an environmentally friendly bamboo blend yarn, the Jaxon Bamboo Spitfire Newsboy is knitted into a seamless "spitfire" newsboy cap. Topped with a…

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…limited edition Kangol 75th Anniversary Spitfire Cap is the famous Kangol Spitfire with a spacious crown and curved peak with eyelets and styling inspired by the classic Monty Beret.   The Spitfire is known to be one of the Beatles' favorite hats, a tradition now seen on the head of…



  Part of the Kangol Golf Range by Samuel L. Jackson, the P2i Golf Spitfire is a jacquard knit version of the actor's signature style. Treated with P2i nanotechnology, this newsboy style cap is both stain and water resistant.   P2i is a revolutionary ion-mask technology, which…

Compare: $97.65
SAVE $48 (50%)


  Combining the looks of their popular Galaxy & Spitfire designs, the new Kangol Hawker Wool Newsboy Cap offers the best of both worlds. Its full, Spitfire-inspired crown is seamless and features implied eight-quarter segments, rather than the classically…



…here quite like corduroy. Get the look with the new Hawker Corduroy Newsboy Cap by Kangol! Combining the full, 8-panel crown of their classic Spitfire with the sewn bill/brim of their classic Galaxy style, the new Hawker features the best of both worlds! Finished with a cross-hatched embroidered…


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