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    Stetson Los Alamos Straw Hat

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Eddy Bros

  Made in Mexico Introducing the Kids' Alamo Jr Toyo Straw Western Hat by Eddy Bros. This is perfect for your little one wanting to grow up to be just like mom or dad. The Alamo Jr has the same shaping as a standard western hat with the cattleman crown and 4" brim so they are…

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Introduced in the year 1981, by the design house of Coty. Stetson is a rich blend of rugged woods and spices. It is recommended for evening wear.

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…the Comstock Straw Western Hat by Stetson is a new option for spring and summer. Featuring a classic western shape complete with tear drop crown and flared brim, the Comstock is trimmed with a twisted leather hat band studded with metallic conch accents and distressed finish. The hat band doubles as…

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…  Redefine your wardrobe with the Daddy-O Milan Straw Fedora Hat from Stetson. The colorful Milan straw build is sturdy and comfortable, and the grosgrain hat band with a Stetson side pin make for one incredibly stylish hat. This fedora does it all!   Approx. 4 1/2" Diamond…



  Handwoven in Ecuador; Blocked & Finished in the USA   Stetson introduces the newest addition to their handsome panama straw collection - the Romeo Panama Straw Fedora Hat. A true genuine panama, the Romeo Fedora was handwoven in Ecuador by skilled artisans then blocked…

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  Look sharp with the Luciano Hemp Straw Fedora Hat from Stetson. This classy fedora features a grosgrain ribbon hat band with clean stripes wrapping around the crown, topped off with a simple Stetson metal side pin. Most notable is the hemp straw build, which is durable, comfortable, and…



…easy with the Trailhead Palm Straw Fedora Hat from Stetson. This well-made hat features a stunning grosgrain ribbon hat band and bow, topped with a classic Stetson metal side pin. Most notably, the Trailhead features a firm finish on the Mexican-made palm straw build.   Approx. 3 3/4"…

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  Made in Mexico   Stay cool with the Brentwood Shantung Straw Gambler Hat from Stetson. This high-quality hat is made in Mexico and features a beautiful shantung straw vented crown that maintains a cool, comfortable, breathable fit. Speaking of comfortable and breathable, the…

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…Looking for a Gambler hat with a distinctive look? The new Colonel Shantung Straw Gambler Hat by Stetson is just the thing! Crafted right here in the USA of premium shantung straw, the Colonel Gambler boasts a firm finish, curled wide brim and a classic grosgrain ribbon hat band. The Colonel's…

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…Quality matters, and Stetson understands that with the Alder Seagrass Straw Outback Hat. This beautiful hat is made of fine linen seagrass, making for one durable, stylish hat that you're sure to want to take with you on any adventure. Also, the leather hat band featuring thin braiding…

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  Made in the USA The Limestone Toyo Straw Outback Hat is a classic Stetson straw hat. It features a Teflon™ treatment to repel water and oil based spills as well as a laminated underbrim fabric that shades both your neck and face. In addition, the Limestone Outback has a…

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…hemp straw braid, the Stetson Sundowner Hemp Straw Fedora Hat is a beautiful, lightweight and breathable straw hat ideal for warm weather. Available in a deep butterscotch color, the Sundowner accents its elongated tear drop crown with a rich brown grosgrain ribbon hat band with side bow and Stetson

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There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.

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