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Something Special

Straw Fascinator from Something Special. The Mona features a folded fan base atop a stiff dish, featuring feather accents, as well as stiff sinamay curls and a large bow. Look your best with this stunning fascinator!   Approx. 6 1/2" Dish Diameter   Made of: 100% Sinamay Straw

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Kentucky Derby

…Sinamay Straw Fascinator Hat from the Kentucky Derby by Scala! This stunning fascinator features a brilliant bouquet of feathers and netting around a billowing faux flower. If you're headed to the racetracks this season, be sure you're dressed to the nines with this stunning fascinator!



…present: The Chelmsford Sinamay Straw Fascinator Hat by Scala! Go classic in the black and ivory or funk it up in fuchsia and coral. Designed to be worn titled to one side, this fascinator features a combination of feather and quill accents with a sinamay straw bow atop a curved dish! And…



  Scala's Vekoma Sinamay Straw Fascinator Hat takes the fascinator to the next level! Designed with an oversized, multiple layered ribbon accent, tonal feather details and a sinamay curved dish! Comes in a variety of fun colors: Cobalt Blue, Coral, Fuchsia and Black. There is a look…


Kentucky Derby

  Just in! Limerick Sinamay Straw Fascinator Headband from Kentucky Derby by Scala! With a chic look, the Limerick features tonal feather and quill accents, a double layer of pleated horsehair and a pleated sinamay straw base with an attractive front split. Styled to be worn to one side,…


Kentucky Derby

  A fascinator with all the charm of the City of Lights - The Paris Sinamay Straw Fascinator Headband from Kentucky Derby by Scala. The Paris is chic yet understated...for a fascinator. Features a pleated and structured sinamay straw base and sinamay straw double bow. The base is parted on…


Jeanne Simmons

  Jeanne Simmons 3 Flower Fascinator has a versatility few other fascinators offer, formal and informal options for wearers. The mesh veil and sinamay roses give this piece the elegance of more formal wear, but would not be be amiss for a night out on the town.    Approx.…

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Kentucky Derby

…Rhinestone Sinamay Straw Fascinator Headband from The Kentucky Derby by Scala is a stunning fascinator with a sinamay straw build and tri-loop accents. The rhinestone accessories placed attractively around the base and accent quill sets this fascinator apart from the rest.…



…Cane Run Sequin Sinamay Straw Fascinator Headband by Scala. The matching sinamay straw bow and trim are beautifully crafted, while the sequined mesh disk base, narrow tonal satin headband and tonal accent feathers add another layer of glam to this eye-catching fascinator. With the Cane Run, you will…


Jeanne Simmons

  The Feather Flower Dish Sinamay Straw Fascinator Hat from Jeanne Simmons is small but packs a punch! This classic fascinator features feathers, feather 'floral' accents and stiff ribbon details atop a stiff, curved dish. Also, the tonal headband is chic but comfortable.…


Jeanne Simmons

…sinamay straw teardrop headpiece rests atop a black satin headband. Sinamay flowers, curls, feathers and tonal veil add irresistible finishing touches.    Approx. 7 3/4" Length, Front to End 4 3/4" Width, Side to Side (at its Widest)   Made of: 100% Sinamay Straw

Price:$39.52 to $48.82
Compare: $48.82
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…Tacitus Sinamay Straw Fascinator/Hatinator Hat by Scala is a gorgeous wide brim fascinator with a shallow crown and grosgrain binding on the brim. Designed to be worn titled to one side, the real showstopper is the tonal accent feather 'floral' detail with sinamay straw oversized…