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Jeanne Simmons

…Emma Straw Fascinator Headband is a new take on a Gatsby-esque era of straw hats, vaudeville, and silent films. The Emma is a disc-shaped fascinator with the classic styling of a bow and a satin veil.    Approx. 9 3/4" wide 7 5/8" height   Made of: 100% Straw


Something Special

Straw Fascinator from Something Special. The Mona features a folded fan base atop a stiff dish, featuring feather accents, as well as stiff sinamay curls and a large bow. Look your best with this stunning fascinator!   Approx. 6 1/2" Dish Diameter   Made of: 100% Sinamay Straw

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Jeanne Simmons

  Jeanne Simmons 3 Flower Fascinator has a versatility few other fascinators offer, formal and informal options for wearers. The mesh veil and sinamay roses give this piece the elegance of more formal wear, but would not be be amiss for a night out on the town.    Approx.…

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Jeanne Simmons

…sinamay straw teardrop headpiece rests atop a black satin headband. Sinamay flowers, curls, feathers and tonal veil add irresistible finishing touches.    Approx. 7 3/4" Length, Front to End 4 3/4" Width, Side to Side (at its Widest)   Made of: 100% Sinamay Straw


Something Special

…Special! This fascinator features a bountiful bouquet of feathers bursting from a ruffled mesh fan, all sitting atop a stiff dish. All of this is situated on the high quality, stunning satin headband.   Approx. 5 3/8" Dish Diameter   Made of: 30% Sinamay Straw 35% Feather 35%…


Jeanne Simmons

  Introducing the adorable and stylish Pique Nique Fascinator Headband by Jeanne Simmons! Featuring a mini straw hat base covered with assorted floral blooms, the Pique Nique Fascinator is sure to brighten up your spring/summer look! The Pique Nique offers effortless style - simply clip…


Toucan Collection

…this fascinator features a mesh base, pom veil, sinamay straw disc and rosette details topped with colorful butterflies. Dare to stand out with the uniquely beautiful Butterfly Fascinator Headband!    Approx. 10 1/2" Base Diameter   Made of: Sinamay Straw

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Jeanne Simmons

  The Mavis Fascinator Hat from Jeanne Simmons is small but stunning! This classic fascinator features feather accents, thin netting, and sinamay straw flower and ribbon details atop a stiff, curved dish. Also, the thin headband is chin, simple, and so comfortable!   Approx. 5…

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Jeanne Simmons

…Add color and brightness to your look with ease, the Bouquet Fascinator provides both a metal hair clip and satin headband for your convenience. Great for spring weddings and events, the Bouquet Fascinator is crafted with a straw disc base topped with assorted flowers and a flirty, over-the-eye…

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Kentucky Derby

…satin headband with a grosgrain ribbon lining ensures this fascinator is as comfortable as it is stylish!   Approx. 12" Base Diameter   Made of: 100% Sinamay Straw   Feather and Floral Accents Sinamay Straw Swirl Accents Grosgrain Ribbon Stitched Rim Satin Headband…

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Something Special

…there's sure to be a Lace Fascinator that complements your personal style!    Approx. 9" Lace Detail Width   Made of: Base & Loop - 100% Sinamay Straw Trim - 100% Polyester   Floral Lace Detail Sinamay Straw Square Base & Pleat Tonal…

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Something Special

  An elegant curved disc of sinamay straw envelopes tonal horsehair bows and feathers, resulting in a dramatic piece headpiece.    Approx. 14" Height   Made of:  100% Sinamay Straw   Horsehair Feathers Satin Headband   Size: One…