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Charlie 1 Horse

…  The new Rock Ridge Palm Leaf Straw Top Hat by Charlie 1 Horse features a bold metallic eagle on its belt hat band. Perfect as a statement piece, the Rock Ridge is not your run-of-the-mill top hat. Its palm leaf straw construction makes this hat sturdy yet flexible; its suede bound brim…


Charlie 1 Horse

…  The Outlaw Spirit Palm Leaf Straw Top Hat by Charlie 1 Horse is nothing like old Abe Lincoln's top hat, that's for sure! Tossing standard wool or fur felt makes out the window, the Outlaw Spirit is crafted of naturally aged, hardy palm leaf straw. Its classic tall and straight…


New York Hat Company

…months, New York Hat Co's Toyo Straw Top Hat is both lightweight and cool. Crafted in the USA of toyo straw, the Toyo Straw Top Hat is trimmed in classic grosgrain ribbon and side feather and features a curled brim. Its interior remains unlined to maximize the hat's breathability while…


Capas Headwear

…brim, the Panama Straw Top Hat is bound and trimmed with classic grosgrain ribbon and removable side feather.    Available in both natural and black, the Panama Straw Top Hat by Capas Headwear is a stylish and distinctive warm-weather alternative to classic felt top hats. …


Charlie 1 Horse

…line of straw top hats with the Quick Draw Palm Leaf Straw Top Hat inspired by classic Western dueling film scenes. The Quick Draw Top Hat features a classic stovepipe top hat shape complete with 6-inch tall crown and flared wire brim. Trimmings include faux leather ammo belt-inspired hat band with…

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Charlie 1 Horse

…with the Coachella Mexican Palm Straw Top Hat from Charlie 1 Horse. This stunning top hat is made in Mexico and features a durable, classy, sewn braid palm straw build, as well as a comfortable, padded sweatband and an unlined interior. Plus, the leather hat band is eye-catching, especially…


SunBody Hats

…SunBody Palm Leaf Straw Top Hat is the newest hat to drop in the very popular line that is SunBody Hats. The top hat is askew from their other hat; which normally boast a very wide brim. Make life fun again! Do not take yourself so seriously. Make a statement. Get your SunBody top hat now. …


Shady Brady

…model Elle Macpherson's top pick for a travel summer straw hat in Bazaar magazine; and seen in Cosmopolitan, the fashion rag, this Shady Brady is all the craze! Modeled just like the Stampede, the Cosmo Raffia Straw Western Hat is beautifully trimmed straw hat has a touch of lace and…


ale by Alessandra

  Introducing the Cabo Toyo Straw Fedora Hat ále by Alessandra Ambrosio. In this piece you are able to see different weaves of straw. The crown goes from a tight weave on top to a more loose and free flowing weave down to the top of the brim which goes back into a tight…

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Panama Jack

…Seagrass Straw Safari Fedora Hat by Panama Jack is lightweight, breathable and uniquely handsome. Crafted with a breezy vent-weave, the seagrass' naturally greenish tint pairs particularly well with its light olive pleated hat band and trimmed brim. A fabric lined underbrim and top inner crown…



…in Mexico   The Fender Straw Cattleman Western Hat by Renegade features a squared-off cattleman crown and flared wide brim. Made of a stiff finish straw, the Fender is simple and classic. Ideal for both men and women, the Fender is a great way to top off your cowboy/cowgirl look. …


Jeanne Simmons

…wheat straw makes up the top of the crown and the 3 1/2" brim, curl the brim up when you pack the hat. Your hat may need some help coming back into shape after being packed, steam out any imperfections (place the hat within the bathroom when you take a shower, the steam will make the straw


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