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5x magnification suction mirror with 3 cups to hold stability with fog-free glass that stays clear under any conditions, it's great for using in the bathroom, too. It has unbreakable lens. 9 inches diameter.


Suction Mirror with Tweezer * 3" diameter * 2 suction cup * Compact size great for travel or purse * It is ideal for eyebrow tweezing, make-up application, contact lense insertion and hair removal. * Attach to smooth surface by gently pushing until the suction cups compress to hold the mirror


Rucci Professional Super Bright LED Lighted Suction Mirror with a 7x magnification 7" diameter that is perfect in the bathroom. It is battery operated and LED lighted. Perfect for make-up application, shaving and tweezing.


Rucci Professional 7x magnification 7" diameter Water Resistant LED Lighted Suction white Mirror that's perfect in the bathroom. Has a battery powered LED light perfect for grooming and tweezing unwanted hairs.


Rucci Professional Super bright LED lighted Sunction Mirror with a 10x magnification 9" diameter that is perfect in the bathroom. It is battery operated and perfect for make-up application and plucking unwanted hair. It has 3 large and powerful suction cups to remain long in place.



Lighted Suction & Hand Mirror 15Xmagnification Diameter: 4in.

Price:$12.95 to $15.65
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Multi-Function Frameless Elipse Chrome Mirror 1x magnification with 12"diameter x 16.75" height also has suction Cup LED Magnetized and Detachable Suction Mirror 5" diameter that tilts upward has a 360 degree rotation and detachable. Beautiful size that is perfect in any room to apply…


Round acrylic suction mirror with 3 cups to hold stability. Has 10x magnification for grooming perfect in the washroom. 7 inches diameter.


10x magnification battery operated 2AAA Suction LED Lighted Mirror 3.5" Diameter for grooming that's perfect in the house and for everyday use.


Rucci Professional Vanity Mirror with 2 suction cups. Has a powerful 12x magnification for a more intricate view. 5" DIAMETER. PERFECT FOR EYEBROW TWEEZING AND EASY TO TRAVEL WITH FOR EVERYDAY USE. NEW CONTAINER ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME BY LATE JANUARY


Rucci Professional Suction Cup LED Lighted Mirror 5" diameter that is perfect on a smooth surface like on another mirror. Perfect in your bathroom because it has battery powered LED lights and strong 10x magnification for tweezing unwanted hair. It has magnetized back for easy adjusting and…



The 10x magnification and four-direction tilt give you full control over the view, battery operated. 4 direction tilt


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