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Great for deep cleaning toilets, this Toilet Brush with Hook features durable plastic bristles, a ridged handle and a hook for easy storage. Measures approximately 13" long. Comes packaged with a wrap around tag.

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A convenient bathroom essential, these Toilet Bowl cleaning tablets clean thoroughly are easy to use. To activate, just drop in the toilet tank and you're done! Package comes with 2 cleaning tablets. Each tablet measures approximately 2" x 1/5" and weighs approximately 1.4 ounces.…

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A home essential, this Toilet Paper Holder comes in simple white to fit into any bathroom decor perfectly! Includes screws and double-sided tape attached at the bottom for easy installation. Measures approximately 3 1/2" x 1 9/10" x 6 3/4". Comes packaged in a blister pack.

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Everything in the bathroom can smell fresh and clean when you add this scented toilet paper roll. Every time the toilet paper is rolled, the toilet paper holder will leave a fresh scent in the bathroom. Fits standard toilet paper holders. Comes in assorted scents. Comes packaged in a hanging box.

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Every bathroom in the house should have its own toilet scrubber and this affordable unit is a good addition to any decor. Includes a long-handled scrub brush and a storage container. Comes in red, light blue and black with white bristles. Approximate measurements: scrubber 3 1/4" long, handle…

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A bathroom and kitchen must-have, this Toilet Plunger features a durable design with a wooden handle and a high quality rubber head. Plunger head is smooth on the inside. Handle is approximately 16" long and rubber head is 5.25" in diameter. Comes loose with a UPC label.

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Always have backup! Having an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom is handy. This holder looks nice, and adds the convenience of always having a spare roll on hand.* Chrome plated metal construction* Hooks over tank * No tools necessary * Fits up to 2 rolls