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…other peroxide cleaners, it has a neutral pH so it does not leave a streaking residue behind. Ideal for use on countertops, glass, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and other hard surfaces. HydroOxy is also versatile enough to be used on soft surfaces such as, carpeting and upholstery. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR…

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Great for deep cleaning toilets, this Toilet Brush with Hook features durable plastic bristles, a ridged handle and a hook for easy storage. Measures approximately 13" long. Comes packaged with a wrap around tag.

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A convenient bathroom essential, these Toilet Bowl cleaning tablets clean thoroughly are easy to use. To activate, just drop in the toilet tank and you're done! Package comes with 2 cleaning tablets. Each tablet measures approximately 2" x 1/5" and weighs approximately 1.4 ounces.…

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A home essential, this Toilet Paper Holder comes in simple white to fit into any bathroom decor perfectly! Includes screws and double-sided tape attached at the bottom for easy installation. Measures approximately 3 1/2" x 1 9/10" x 6 3/4". Comes packaged in a blister pack.

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Everything in the bathroom can smell fresh and clean when you add this scented toilet paper roll. Every time the toilet paper is rolled, the toilet paper holder will leave a fresh scent in the bathroom. Fits standard toilet paper holders. Comes in assorted scents. Comes packaged in a hanging box.

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A bathroom and kitchen must-have, this Toilet Plunger features a durable design with a wooden handle and a high quality rubber head. Plunger head is smooth on the inside. Handle is approximately 16" long and rubber head is 5.25" in diameter. Comes loose with a UPC label.

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Every bathroom in the house should have its own toilet scrubber and this affordable unit is a good addition to any decor. Includes a long-handled scrub brush and a storage container. Comes in red, light blue and black with white bristles. Approximate measurements: scrubber 3 1/4" long, handle…

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A bathroom essential, this toilet brush has rounded corners for hard to reach places and comes with a convenient corner stand. Brush measures approximately 13.5" long. Corner stand is 4" x 7.25". Comes in assorted colors. Comes loose with UPC label.

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Always have backup! Having an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom is handy. This holder looks nice, and adds the convenience of always having a spare roll on hand.* Chrome plated metal construction* Hooks over tank * No tools necessary * Fits up to 2 rolls

Clear drains in confidence with this heavy duty Drain Buster Plunger. Its special design adds extra suction that loosens compressed debris in toilets, pipes, sinks, showers and more. This unique plunger features a powerful compression chamber that provides extra power without the extra work. Comes…

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