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Goldwell dual senses color structure equalizer is an amazing, weightless care for all colored hair type. This hairspray optimizes color recording in the hair. It has a delicious, fruity fragrance and it protects hair from heat.

Compare: $29.98
SAVE $9 (32%)


This structure me structurizing spray from the stylesign collection at goldwell is a lightweight spray created to enhance natural waves and layered cuts, giving your hair unbeatable structure and style.

Compare: $27.46
SAVE $8 (31%)


A multi-tasking styling cream helps to intensify structured, lustrous looks. A workable formula that allows for reviving your style. Provides instant definition and color protection Perfect for all hair types, particularly effective on thicker hair.

Compare: $31.06
SAVE $13 (42%)


Paraben-free reconstructing mask that intensively restores and preserves the natural inner structure and strength of the hair.

Compare: $29.98
SAVE $12 (42%)


Rock It Texture Shampoo with Polymers, helps boost structure to short and wavy hair for style definition. Hair is structured and primed for lasting styles.

Compare: $37.50
SAVE $14 (37%)

A Trio purpose compact mirror with a magnifying glass cover that adjusts the magnification of the normal view mirror to a 7x view when closed. You can also zoom view the small images and letters using the cover. 4 inches diameter.  



Weightlessly hydrate, nourish and protect curls. Anti-frizz technology gives curls structure and keepsthe cuticle smooth for bouncier, glossier, gorgeously soft curls the way Mother Nature intended.

Compare: $39.00
SAVE $14 (36%)

LA Brasiliana

An advanced keratin-based treatment Formulated with Collagen to improve vitality & flexibility of hair Restores hair to healthy state without changing hairs molecular structure

Compare: $75.50
SAVE $28 (37%)


This mask provides a smoothing effect. The cellulose smooth fibre structure contributes to the diffusion of the active ingredients of the formula. Improve the firmness of the skin.

Compare: $14.22
SAVE $3 (23%)


Thats because curly hairs unique structure exposes its cuticle. When humidity gets in, curls expand with unwanted volume and look frizzy, undefined, and dull.

Price:$20.94 to $42.19
Compare: $52.66
SAVE $31 (60%)


High Amplify Shampoo, a lightweight silicone-free formula with protein, helps boost structure of fine, limp hair, for lasting volume. Hair becmes voluminous and full with lift that lasts.

Compare: $32.90
SAVE $9 (28%)


Atoderm cream reinforces the structure of the skin barrier and thus slows the penetration of irritating agents. The skin regains softness and flexibility from the first application.

Compare: $50.75
SAVE $21 (42%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.